Statements of Faith of the Harmony-Zelienople Global Methodist Church




We believe in one God who created all things, who rules over all things, who always was and always will be. God exists in three Persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, distinct but inseparable, eternally one. God is all-powerful, all-knowing and is present everywhere. God is perfectly pure and just, without sin. Out of His great love, God created humanity and made a way for us to spend eternity with Him.

Creator – Ge 1:1, Col 1:16; Rules – 2Chron 20:6; Trinity – Matt 28:19; One – Deut 6:4; All-powerful, eternal – Ge 17:1, Rev. 4:8,9; All-present – Ro 8:38; Pure – 1Jn. 1:5, 3:5; Created us – Ge 1:27; Made a way – Jn 3:16



We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, both fully God and fully human. He became a man by being conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin. He lived a perfect and sinless life. He is the Savior promised by God in the Bible. Because of His great love for us and His obedience to the Father, He voluntarily paid for our sin by dying on the cross. He physically rose from the dead, ascended into heaven, and sits at the right hand of God the Father as our intercessor and advocate. One day He will return to Earth to judge the living and the dead. He will reign over all things forever.

Son – Matt 17:5; God/man – Phil 2:6-9; Conceived/virgin – Luke 1:30-35; Sinless – 2Cor 5:21, Heb 4:15; Savior – Matt 16:16-17; Voluntarily/cross – Jn 10:18, Phil 2:8, Ro 3:25; Rose – Jn 20:1-9, 27-29; Ascended/return – Acts 1:9-11; Luke 21:27; Judge – Rev 20:11-12; Reign – Eph 1:9-10, Luke 1:32-33; Loves – Jn 10:11, Ro 8:38-39



We believe in the Person of the Holy Spirit, fully God, and sent by the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin and judgment and draws sinners to righteousness in Christ. The Holy Spirit comes to live in believers from the moment of spiritual birth and guarantees their inheritance as God’s adopted children. The indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit transforms believers into the likeness of Christ and equips and empowers them for spiritual growth and obedient service. The fullness and power of the Holy Spirit is manifested in the believer’s life by faith in God and obedient surrender to Him.

Sent – Jn 14:16,26, 16:7; Convicts/draws – Jn 16:8-11; Live in/guarantee – Eph 1:13-14, Ro 8:16; Transforms – Ro 8:1-4; Fullness/power manifested – Eph 3:16-19



We believe that the Bible is the living and active word of God, received as the Old and New Testaments and inspired by God in its original writing. Its teachings are entirely trustworthy, are our highest authority in faith and life, and endure forever. The word of God is powerful and judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. In the Bible, God reveals Himself to humanity. The Bible also reveals the way to be made right with God and the way to live a life that pleases Him.

Inspired – 2Tim 3:16; Matt 24:35; Active/powerful – Heb 4:12; Reveals – 2Tim 3:15



We believe that we, as human beings, were created male and female by God in His own image and for His good pleasure. God gave us free will and dominion over all creation. Through the willful disobedience of Adam, all humanity fell under the power of sin and became separated from God. Apart from God, we cannot be made holy, and deserve God’s righteous judgment.

Created – Ge 1:27; Dominion – Ge 1:28; Adam – Ro 5:12-14; Apart/judgment – Ro 3:10-20, 30, 1Jn 1



We believe that in order to be made right with God we must recognize, confess and turn away from our sin, and have faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ as the means to be reconciled to God. We can do nothing to earn our salvation; it is solely a gift of God’s grace, received exclusively through faith in Jesus Christ. The righteousness of Jesus Christ has been graciously credited to all believers. Only Jesus is able to rescue us from the eternal consequences of our sin.

Recognize/faith – Ac 2:37-38, Ro 3:22-26; Gift – Eph 2:8-9; Credited – Ro 3:25, 1Pe 3:18; Only Jesus – Ac 4:12, John 14:6



We believe that God has called us to be disciples and imitators of Christ, surrendered to live in obedience to God through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, and love others as we love ourselves. Our lives should be characterized by worship, evangelism, fellowship, service, and moral purity.

Imitators – Ro 8:29, 1Co 11:1, Phil 2:5; Love – Mark 12:30,31; Characterized – Eph 4:17-5:6, 2:10, 1Cor 12:7, Ro 12:3-5, Matt 28:19; Eph 1:12



We believe that the Christian Church is the community of all true believers under the lordship of Christ. The Church functions as the body of Christ, composed of many members, each different, all essential, unified and empowered by the Holy Spirit. The members of the Church are like living stones, built together to become a temple where God lives by His Spirit. Christ loves the Church as a bridegroom loves his bride. He gave Himself for the Church, to make her holy and clean, and will come again to take her to Himself. Christ commissioned the Church to proclaim the gospel to all nations, making disciples, baptizing them and teaching them to obey Christ’s commands.

Church/lordship/body – Eph 1:22, Ro 12:5, 1Co 12:12-26; Stones – Eph 2:19-22, 1Pe 2:5; Bride – Eph 5:25-32; Come and take – 1 Thess. 4:16-17; Rev. 19:7; Commissioned – Matt 28:19



We believe that the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are ordained by Christ as symbols and pledges of God’s love toward us and of the believer’s profession of faith. Baptism is a symbol of our participation by faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Lord’s Supper is a means to commemorate the sacrifice of Jesus’ body and blood for the sins of the world.

Baptize – Matt 28:19, Acts 8:26-40, Romans 6:3,4; Communion – Matt 26:26-29, 1Cor 11:23-26