HZGMC Funeral Dinners Policy


Our church will be honored to provide the funeral dinner for the family of any deceased person for whom our minister conducts the funeral, provided the family makes this request at least three days before the dinner is to take place. (For example, if the dinner is to be on a Saturday, the church must be asked to provide it no later than the Wednesday before.)

To request a funeral dinner, please contact our church secretary (724-452-7670) or Pastor Dan (724-452-6944).

Food for each funeral dinner shall be purchased by the church based on the number of people anticipated to attend the funeral dinner, a figure which shall be provided by the family of the deceased. (For example, if the family estimates that 75 people will be attending the funeral dinner then the church will purchase enough food to feed 75 people.)

Each family shall be asked to give a donation to the church, depending on their ability to give, in order to offset the cost of food. Checks should be made out to Harmony-Zelienople GMC.

The church shall have the option of declining a request for any funeral dinner which will be taking place during the days leading up to, and following, the holidays of Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.