There is Good News for You!
  • Have you ever wondered how you could have a personal relationship with your Creator?
  • Do you want to know for sure that you are going to be with God in heaven?
  • Do you sense that there must be more to this life than you are currently experiencing?
  • Do you desire a life of significance and meaning and purpose, as God intended for you?

We at HZGMC want you to live the life God intended for you – a life spent knowing God and living for Him.

Please check out these links presenting what Christians call the Gospel, which literally means “good news”:

Text version                      Video version

If you’ve decided to place your trust in Christ, to receive His free gift of salvation, and to become a follower of Christ, then you’ve made the best decision of your life, and we rejoice with you! Here are some growth steps for you to consider and apply:

  1. CHURCH – Regularly participate in the life of a local church that honors Jesus Christ and teaches you the Bible.
  2. BIBLE – Read a chapter of the Bible each day, starting with the Gospel of John.
  3. PRAYER – Spend time each day talking with God.
  4. FELLOWSHIP – Connect yourself with a small group of Christian friends who can help you grow.
  5. WITNESS – Tell others what Jesus Christ has done and is doing in your life.

And finally, we’d love to hear from you about your decision by email.